How Stitch Fix built a culture of silence among stylists

Stitch Fix has long maintained that its business model is a blend of art and data science, with its stylists, who represent the artistic side of the company, ultimately deciding which clothes to send to clients. But 11 current and former stylists Modern Retail spoke with said they felt like the artistic side of the company has been devalued, following the announcement earlier this month that Stitch Fix was laying of 1,400 of its California stylists between now and the fall.

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Why outdoor seating doesn’t make sense for some restaurants

To help restaurants get back on their feet, a host of US states have permitted restricted reopening, making use of outdoor space. While it may be easy for some, it's impossible for others. And while such limited reopenings are a good start, they won’t suffice to keep many eateries afloat,

Amazon and Google are increasingly cracking down on counterfeits

Platforms like Google and Amazon have made new moves to crack down on fake product listings. This isn't a new problem, but that both are taking it on now show that they're trying better foster brand trust. The question remains whether or not these moves are enough for companies to feel protected from bad actors.

How one open-air mall is preparing to drive shoppers back over the summer

As malls prepare to welcome back shoppers, the types of experiences that they are willing to step out of the house for has changed. Rather than spending hours rifling through racks of clothing, some shoppers are turning to curbside pickup. Instead of spending a Saturday at the movie theater, they may stop by a restaurant that's open for outdoor dining. And that means some malls may have to reconfigure their space to make way for new types of attractions. 

Other news to know

  • Lululemon is acquiring connected fitness company Mirror for $500 million, the activewear company announced on Monday. Lululemon was previously an investor in Mirror, which had raised $72 million to date.
  • Vox has a new report out about how Amazon warehouse workers feel about how the company has responded to the coronavirus. While workers said they feel warehouse working conditions have improved since March, they are unhappy with how the e-commerce giant has cracked down on employees who have spoken out.
  • CVS will start selling a new cosmetics line for men in about 2,000 of its stores. “Men’s grooming has seen incredible growth during this stay-at-home period,” CVS said in a statement announcing the news, and that “men are a top customer focus at CVS Beauty.”
100 million
Number of masks Amazon said it has supplied across its fulfillment center network since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.


United Sodas’ playbook for launching a new brand

United Sodas of America unveiled its line of 12 flavors of low-calorie soda last May, which came after two years of development. At the most...


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Research: Programmatic budgets are expanding on mobile and connected TV

Research: Programmatic budgets are expanding on mobile and connected TV

New research into U.S., Canadian and North American buyers finds that advertisers across regions have ambitious plans for omnichannel programmatic growth. Buyers in the U.S., in particular, have big plans for connected TV.

How swimwear brands market themselves during a vacation-less summer

After months of stocking up on essentials, summer is proving to be a bright spot for struggling industries like apparel. Swimwear is an example in which brands with a dedicated following are reframing what their merchandise is used for. It can also mark a turning point for other stunted travel-related categories.

Why Amazon is focusing on fashion with its Big Style Sale

Why Amazon is focusing on fashion with its Big Style Sale

Amazon long-running goal to dominate fashion is seeing a new attempt during the pandemic. With the electronics-focused Prime Day still months away, the "Big Style Sale" could provide a much-needed stimulus for sellers whose categories suffered throughout the quarantine.

How DTC startups fall flat in marketing their values

Direct-to-consumer startup founders have found themselves in a number of unprecedented situations over the past three months -- from having to keep their company afloat while stores were closed to having employees confront them about racism within the company. Many of these same startups have also found themselves in hot water for how they responded to these situations. The issue at hand is simple: customers feel like these companies aren't practicing what they preach.

Guide: How to craft an optimized premium video budget

Guide: How to craft an optimized premium video budget

In a new guide for brands and agencies, learn tips and techniques for properly balancing linear TV and OTT ad spend.

Why former Everlane employees have banded together to speak out about the company's culture

A cohort of former Everlane employees, the Everlane Ex-Wives Club, released a four-part statement highlighting the company’s alleged toxic workplace. The company, which recently faced criticism over alleged union busting-related layoffs, said this is the first it's hearing of the accusations in the 14 testimonies.

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