‘We still believe in our brick and mortar business’: Untuckit Founder Chris Riccobono on its evolving store strategy

As one of the early DNVBs to incorporate physical retail, menswear brand Untuckit was hit hard by the pandemic. Many items saw demand slip and all of its stores had to close down. Despite the setbacks, founder Chris Riccobono told Modern Retail he doesn't have plans to permanently close any stores.

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  • MAY 11, 2020

    Nike’s Heidi O’Neill on the brand’s digital — and coronavirus — strategy

    While stores remain closed, Nike's apps have been critical to making sure that the company remains top of mind for customers. Heidi O'Neill, the brand's president of consumer and marketplace, talked with Modern Retail about the company's digital strategy and how it's approaching store reopenings.

  • MAY 07, 2020

    ‘I would not be launching right now’: Jesse Derris & Matt Higgins on how the investing landscape has changed

    Since launching in 2013, Derris has quickly become one of the go-to public relations agency for direct-to-consumer startups. Since then, its founders Jesse Derris and Matt Higgins have also parlayed the success of Derris into an investing arm. Derris and Higgins are the founders of a fund called Amity Supply, which launched in 2017 with an initial $10 million fund and primarily invests in startups pre-launch. Its portfolio companies include telemedicine brand Hims, and acne care brand Starface.

  • APR 29, 2020

    ‘Meal kits have gotten a bad reputation’: Meal service Freshly now helps companies provide food to employees

    Freshly for Business launched this week to provide employer-subsidized meal delivery for remote office workers. CEO Michael Wystrach thinks "many employees would rather get free meals instead of a desk," which can push the service to grow long past the pandemic.

  • APR 27, 2020

    How Thrive Market has handled the online grocery demand spike

    Unlike most grocery retailers, the membership wall makes it harder for Thrive Market to tap into the current demand for Thrive Market. "Those coming in aren’t just looking for a short term delivery solution," said CEO Nick Green.

  • APR 22, 2020

    ‘The aggregators will win’: Profitero’s Bryan Wiener and Sarah Hofstetter on the future of e-commerce

    Former ad exec Wiener said that with many brands, it’s not so much changing what they were doing but doing it faster. "It’s not going to be an evolutionary change, but revolutionary."

  • APR 21, 2020

    Grocery micro-fulfillment is getting a boost

    Micro-fulfillment solutions company Takeoff Technologies’ has seen a surge in grocery clients' orders. Chief business officer Curt Avallone explained how the company is solving the last mile problem and why major supermarket chains are getting on board with delivery.

  • APR 20, 2020

    How Minibar is handling the alcohol surge

    Minibar Delivery co-founder and CEO Lindsey Andrews spoke to Modern Retail about handling an unprecedented surge, hiring staff amid high order volume and what this spike means for the alcohol delivery industry. 

  • APR 13, 2020

    ‘It’s unrealistic to expect a V-shaped recovery’: How the 2008 crisis has impacted one fund’s investing thesis

    Many reports say VC cash is drying up due to the drastic change in the economy. But some investors are still looking for new opportunities. Modern Retail talked with Coefficient Capital, run by two VCs who navigated the 2009 financial crisis. The founder partners shared their insights into the rough terrain ahead.

  • APR 08, 2020

    Vice Ventures founder Catharine Dockery on investing in ‘recession-proof’ businesses

    Since launching last year, seed-stage VC fund Vice has invested almost exclusively in these categories, which is currently proving to be a success. Vice-backed startups include CBD seller Plant People, which saw a rough 30% increase in mid-March without the use of marketing spend. Similarly, CBD beverage Recess also doubled its e-commerce sales over the past two weeks. Meanwhile Lucy, the nicotine harm reduction platform in Vice’s portfolio, experienced a 50% increase in sales in recent weeks. Those figures are attributed to news of young smokers’ coronavirus mortality rate being higher than non-smokers, thus driving traffic to the site.

  • MAR 27, 2020

    ‘Virtual fitness will be here to stay’: With millions stuck at home, Tonal is capitalizing

    With physical fitness facilities deemed non-essential and workout equipment selling out fast, virtual fitness startups are having a moment. Strength-training system Tonal, which launched in 2018 and retails for $2,995, is seeing a surge in sales this month. The wall-mounted weight simulation product is getting a second look from customers searching for exercise activities in confined spaces.

  • MAR 19, 2020

    Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley: The current crisis will force brands to think about profitability

    "There is always going to be room for companies that understand a customer’s needs and deliver products with value."

  • MAR 17, 2020

    YouTube star David Dobrik to advertisers: Learn to trust the creator

    David Dobrik, a 23-year-old YouTuber with 15.9 million subscribers, changed the way SeatGeek works with influencers by convincing the company to be a character in his videos. Since then, Dobrik has been able to use that content to get other brands, like EA Games, to do the same thing. Dobrik explains how he’s branching out from YouTube and if he’d get married again for a prank.

  • JUN 23, 2020

    Survey: remote and in-house, UGC and data, what’s your campaign content mix look like now?

    Advertisers, in a marketplace transformed by creativity gone remote, how much of your campaign content is still in-house versus UGC? How are you using data to make choices and effectively target your campaign content? Take this survey and get the full results plus a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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