As a recession looms, brands are putting renewed attention on price to prepare for rapid change

Right now, business owners are concerned about one thing and one thing only: stabilizing and creating a survival plan. With average revenue this year unlikely to even come close to matching last year’s numbers, businesses need to fundamentally change the way they communicate with their customers.

Every business has the tools necessary to do that, and one of the most critical tools is price. Download this new guide to explore price as a form of two-way communication between your business and your customers — and learn how the right pricing optimization technology helps businesses to:

  • Analyze historical sales data, isolating the direct effects of price
  • Rapidly adapt to change, suggesting optimal prices in real-time
  • Avoid price slippage, reducing prices only when proven beneficial

Meanwhile, we’d love to take some pressure — and a little bit of fear — off the backs of the companies to whom we provide our services. That is why, effective immediately, Pricestack is offering its pricing software free of charge for all of Q2 of this year. No strings attached, no commitments, no obligations — 100 percent free.

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