The evolution of CTV first-party data activation

As first-party data becomes increasingly critical to brands’ success, more retailers are finding connected TV to be a viable space to bring that data to life.

By investing in first-party data, advertisers in the CTV space are finding they can leverage their existing information sources to target viewers who are already familiar with their brand, allowing them to engage with high-value consumers who may be closer to converting than new audiences.

In this explainer guide, Digiday and MNTN put a lens onto the strategies marketers and advertisers are using to make the most of first-party audience data. With the help of expert insights, the following sections unpack the nature of first-party data in a CTV context; why it’s a vital campaign piece following the deprecation of third-party cookies, what the collection process looks like and the most successful measurement solutions and strategies.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How CTV first-party data collection works
  • What CTV first-party data analysis looks like
  • How to measure the results from first-party data-powered CTV campaigns
  • What qualities a strong first-party data collection partner should have

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The evolution of CTV first-party data activation
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