How Gen Alpha and Gen Z are engaging with retail brands through gaming and beyond

The world has changed dramatically in recent years, and retail discovery, industry trends and audience behaviors have transformed along with it. To stay connected with consumers and grow market share, brands and marketers should not overlook a hugely influential younger audience: Gen Alpha and Gen Z.

Reaching these generations is essential to both the short- and long-term success of brands. Young consumers in these two demographics have not only their own money to spend but also a massive say in what their parents buy, where they get it and how much is spent. And the influence of Gen Alpha and Gen Z will only grow with age as their personal spending power increases. 

For advertisers, it’s essential to know that gaming and in-gaming activations are at the epicenter of a new media mix to reach youth audiences. Younger audiences love to play games, and it’s becoming evident that in-game exposure drives in-store behavior, with 2 out of 5 kids saying they like to buy the same items that their avatars have in a game. 

Download this report from SuperAwesome to learn more about:

  • Gen Alpha’s and Gen Z’s digital habits, values, preferences and decision-making power when it comes to retail purchases
  • How in-game experiences are driving IRL purchases, on and offline
  • Steps brands are taking to build authentic engagement with younger consumers
  • Strategies for retail brands that want to enter the gaming ecosystem

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How Gen Alpha and Gen Z are engaging with retail brands through gaming and beyond