Report: A marketer’s guide to universal retail

The pandemic drastically shifted shopping behaviors and has presented retailers with a new set of obstacles and opportunities. Retailers that acquired new, digitally-native customers in quarantine are now developing strategies to bring those customers into stores — and develop an omnichannel strategy that prioritizes a wide range of consumer needs. 

This new report from Amperity looks at how marketers are working to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar customers. Retailers are using data to prioritize personalization and create hybrid physical-digital shopping experiences with a focus on anticipating items customers want and how they want to purchase them. 

Download this report to learn about:

  • How marketers are adapting to retail behaviors caused by the pandemic.
  • Essential practices for achieving personalization and omnichannel outcomes within physical and digital channels.
  • The role of customer data platforms in helping retailers maintain growth and retention.