How brands are earning loyalty and delivering value with better retail experiences

Years of change and uncertainty have significantly impacted how consumers shop. In the past two years alone, supply issues and economic uncertainty have put retailers back in the position of needing to pivot and adapt to news cycles and circumstances not always under their control.

Part of that response, for the retailers who are succeeding at bringing brands to customers in ways that match the changes and evolution underway, is creating new and better retail experiences through personalization. The strength of the brand–consumer relationship is that it empowers the brands with whom retailers partner to shape improved narratives for the shoppers that love them. Treating in-store shopping as an experience with hands-on opportunities and personalized engagement goes a long way as consumers return to stores. And that’s one of the retailer’s most important tools in times of change.

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  • The top touchpoints that inspire purchases in the retail ecosystem
  • Cross-channel opportunities to engage shoppers
  • What data shoppers will share for better experiences
  • How personalization benefits the bottom line

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