Report: The state of online marketplaces

As e-commerce continues to see growth, more companies are integrating online marketplaces into their commerce strategy in 2021. Companies are building online marketplaces to drive brand awareness, increase customer acquisition, scale their businesses, expand product assortment and gain customer insights into pain points and preferences.

However, to successfully build or replatform an online marketplace takes strategic approaches to engaging and retaining customers, improving the customer experience and measuring the outcomes 

In 2021, Modern Retail and VTEX surveyed nearly 60 brand executives to learn more about how companies are approaching online marketplaces in 2021, from budgets to the customer experience. This new report highlights what they told us, as well as insights from marketplace experts. 

Download this report to learn about:

  • The benefits of building online marketplaces
  • How companies are acquiring and retaining marketplace customers
  • Navigating the technical challenges and opportunities in marketplaces
  • Action steps to future-proof online marketplace strategies

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