Report: What the future holds for CX organizations

Over the past two years, retailers have been forced to adapt at hyperspeed to keep up with changing customer expectations. The ability to continue delivering the experiences consumers expect has put the spotlight back on CX strategies as a means to fuel growth. 

According to a survey of more than 100 CX professionals conducted by Kustomer, 79% believe that the role of customer service will increase in importance as a means to fuel business growth over the next three years. Retailers seeking to leverage this opportunity for growth would be wise to pay attention to this space. 

This report covers the results of the survey in an effort to help retailers understand the world of CX and how it’s expected to change according to those with first-hand knowledge. 

In this new report from Kustomer, you will learn: 

  • The main challenges CX organizations face
  • Which channels CX professionals expect to grow in popularity with customers
  • Where CX organizations are investing resources
  • Specific insights for retailers

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