The future of advertising on TV 

As the advertising industry continues to transform, from increasingly complicated privacy regulations and demands to always-growing competition, it’s no longer feasible for performance-driven brands to designate far less than half of their marketing budgets to brand building. 

Strategizing and budgeting for the long-term means re-evaluating the value of channels beyond digital — channels with the power to drive both brand and sales, such as TV. Television isn’t the same channel it was 20 years ago, or even two years ago. More and more, performance brands are discovering that TV is a critical growth driver for their businesses. 

Download this new report from Marketing Architects to learn: 

  • The ways in which TV has evolved and why it cannot be treated just like digital
  • How to design a performance campaign that makes the most of TV investments
  • How to build successful creatives and strategies for TV
  • How to optimize conversion and measurement to make smart business and marketing decisions

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