The marketer’s guide to product innovation

Innovation is essential for brands to grow and respond to changing market demands, but it requires product development, marketing and a range of teams to have a strong sense of what consumers want. 

Technology and an evolving understanding of how consumers make decisions are leading to massive changes in how brands conduct product and market research. New and emergent tools are faster and more cost-effective, enabling organizations to evaluate innovations versus in-market options. 

In this Tactics + Insights guide, Modern Retail, Dig Insights and Upsiide explore how brands leverage new methodologies and agile research technology to develop winning products and services.

Download this new report to learn more about:

  • How gamification strategies are boosting consumer survey engagement
  • Ways to streamline testing and make innovation more efficient
  • Actionable metrics that help drive strategic decision-making 
  • How brands are identifying innovation opportunities with incremental benefits

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The marketer’s guide to product innovation