Unpacked: The marketer’s guide to programmatic direct mail 

As marketers face the loss of addressable audiences — from third-party cookies disappearing and Apple’s iOS updates posing perennial and new challenges — they’re also seeking channels to reach consumers in ways that circumvent the digital fatigue leftover from the 2020–2021 digital advertising boom. 

In this Unpacked explainer guide, Modern Retail and PebblePost dive into the world of programmatic direct mail, how it’s reinventing direct mail to connect the offline to the online marketing strategy and delivering advertisers a performance-driven tactic without relying on cookies or online identifiers. 

Download this guide to learn: 

  • The difference between PDM, traditional direct mail and digital marketing campaigns
  • How to measure success and optimize PDM campaigns
  • Tips for creating standout pieces of mail 
  • How to identify the right PDM partner

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Unpacked: The marketer’s guide to programmatic direct mail