WTF is Marketing Fraud? Sponsored by White Ops

Most marketers are well versed in ad fraud — fraudulent activity that uses digital advertising networks to benefit financially from ad transactions. While ad fraud compromises the validity of an initial impression and whether that impression is served by a human, marketing fraud compromises the entire lifecycle of every digital marketing tactic.

It’s an issue that can go unnoticed by basic analytics and brand safety tools — and even by the most sophisticated and experienced marketers. By building strategies that ensure they are engaging with real humans, marketers can gain a competitive advantage by addressing marketing fraud issues they might not realize they have.

Download this WTF to find out:

  • The impact sophisticated bot attacks are having on marketing campaigns — driving as much as 38 percent invalid traffic
  • The definition and life cycle of marketing fraud
  • How to identify fraud in the walled gardens of search and social.
  • How one automotive brand eliminated bots and increased conversion rates by 600 percent

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