With a greater need than ever to stay connected and informed, we’ve introduced a new member feature that will help navigate these turbulent times: Modern Retail+ Talks.ModernRetail+ Talks are regularly scheduled Zoom calls featuring fireside chats exclusively available to Modern Retail+ members.

Talks feature conversations with leaders across the retail industry. Topics are focused on anything from brick and mortar retail to the evolution of DTC to the Amazonification of retail during these trying times.

Upcoming Talks

  • The future of DTC with Colin Darretta, CEO and Founder of Wellpath, April 9, 1pm ET.
  • The future of brick and mortar retail in the new reality with Catherine Pike, Senior Director of Retail at Vuori, April 16, 1pm ET.
  • Investing landscape in this new reality with Matt Higgins, CEO of RSE Ventures, April 23, 12pm ET.
  • Dealing with accelerated grocery/online grocery and pick up trends with Brian Smith, Co-Founder and COO of Winc, April 30, 1pm ET.

Modern Retail+ Talks are only available to Modern Retail+ members. If you’re already subscribed, you can expect a link in your inbox ahead of each talk. If you’re not a member and want access to these exclusive conversations with industry executives, subscribe here.