Video: How brands and retailers can shape a better customer experience with up-and-coming tactics


Today’s hot retail trends aren’t just flashes in the pan. They’re shaping the industry for the better. Hear Triad’s Chief Executive Officer, Sherry Smith, provide some insight into how these up-and-coming tactics are powerful tools for both retailers and brands to better shape the customer experience, including:

  • How D2C brands will win by challenging standards and flipping traditional retail models, undercutting on price and emphasizing value while accumulating a wealth of consumer data
  • The untapped potential of smartphone-enabled augmented reality, with about 60 million AR users ready to learn more about a product and visualize it in their own lives
  • How retailers can carve out unique and significant success for themselves by joining forces in a consortium to bring the omnichannel experience full circle and complement, rather than compete with, Amazon’s offerings