By virtue of the fact that its water bottles are now a status symbol, Stanley has become an accessories brand -- a position that it is further cementing with a new line of bags.


TikTok is pushing brands to post photos instead of videos

April 09, 2024

TikTok is forging ahead on becoming a full-fledged photo platform -- and brands are coming along for the ride. Consumer-facing companies tell Modern Retail how they're using the Carousel feature and whether they'd consider moving to TikTok's rumored new photo app.

DTC Briefing: Why some marketers worry that Meta is ‘broken’

April 02, 2024

Is Meta broken? That's what marketers keep saying on sites like X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Other news to know

  • Walmart is shutting down its 51 health care clinics, as well as virtual health care services, due to a lack of profitability. It first launched the clinics in 2019.
  • Amazon reported that its first-quarter profit more than tripled to $10.4 billion. Its revenue for the period was up 13% year-over-year, partly due to its cloud computing business.
  • Dave & Buster’s will allow loyalty members to bet on arcade games via a new partnership with gamification company Lucra. Bets will be capped at an undisclosed amount, however.
Amazon's quarterly sales from cloud computing
Top Stories Jul 25

Meet the smaller brands designing Olympic uniforms

May 01, 2024

Fashion giants like Nike and Ralph Lauren have long sponsored the Olympics or national teams. Now, more small-scale brands are joining them on the global stage through uniform deals.

Eco-friendly brands are taking over big-box garden aisles

May 01, 2024

Murphy's Naturals and Rachio are two outdoor companies expanding their wholesale reach this spring.

Why California’s largest grocery retailer is partnering with Instacart

May 01, 2024

On Wednesday, Instacart announced that it is ramping up its existing partnership with The Save Mart Companies, the largest regional grocer in California. Modern Retail spoke with David McIntosh, Instacart’s VP & GM of Connected Stores, and Tamara Pattison, chief digital officer at The Save Mart Companies about the future of grocery shopping, changing consumer behavior and standing out in the crowded grocery-tech marketplace.

DTC Briefing: What’s driving recent private equity challenges in consumer

April 30, 2024

A number of headlines have suggested that private equity’s interest in consumer startups has softened recently with Skky Partners having trouble fundraising, and Carlyle Group exiting consumer altogether.

Limited Series
The Future of Brand Marketing

The lines between brand and performance marketing are blurring. It's no longer enough to spend millions on a TV campaign and hope people find your brand. In this series, Modern Retail looks into how the wild, expensive world of brand marketing has been upended over the last few years.



Why brands like Cleobella and Rothy’s are testing out Poshmark’s live shopping platform

April 30, 2024

Seven brands tried out live shopping on Poshmark in April, selling out items as part of a new brand-led experiment.

Brands on TikTok Shop face increased fees & an uncertain future

April 29, 2024

Seven months in, brands on TikTok Shop are continuing to navigate the marketplace’s growing pains amid its murky future. Recent fee changes – and the threat of more to come – have been exacerbated by recent legislation that has thrown TikTok’s future into jeopardy. 

How QR codes help brands meet consumer expectations for sustainability

April 09, 2024

Katherine Ryan, vice president, brand marketing, Bitly From trending resale programs at top brands like Lululemon and REI that make sustainable shopping more accessible to scrutiny over Taylor Swift’s private jet carbon dioxide emissions, demand for sustainable shopping experiences and transparency is at an all-time high. Consumers have more access to information than ever, and […]


Honors Golfers

Why golf apparel brand Honors is holding more trunk shows

April 30, 2024

Honors, which carries women’s golf apparel and launched in June 2023, makes half of its revenue from Honors Hours trunk shows it holds in homes, boutiques and country clubs. The events have a 70% conversion rate and are held all over the country. One of Honors’ founders explains how they work.

Women livestreaming herself holding a handbag, popping out of a phone screen surrounded by sunglasses, sunscreen, lipstick, and other beauty products. Illustration is on a navy blue background.

Modern Retail+ Research 2024 Influencer Index: The level of engagement top influencers can harness for brands

April 29, 2024

To measure the impact influencers have on consumers’ purchasing behaviors, the Modern Retail+ Influencer Index analyzes the levels of engagement influencers who made waves in 2023 received on their sponsored Instagram and YouTube posts, as well as the influencer marketing trends for the year ahead.

Rebag launches new membership program to grow sales and woo customers

April 26, 2024

Luxury resale retailer Rebag is adopting a new membership model called Rebag+ that’s aimed at helping customers budget for big purchases. Its CEO calls the program “financial planning” and explains how it works.


physical retail

Modern Retail Commerce Summit recap: How retail leaders from Bombas to Walmart are strategizing growth

April 30, 2024

At the Modern Retail Commerce Summit, held earlier this month in New Orleans, executives from some of the most exciting brands spoke candidly about the strategies they’re implementing that are helping them grow and bring in new customers.

How Nameless CPG is rolling up wellness brands

April 29, 2024

As small wellness brands struggle to scale further without additional funding, roll-up companies are swooping in to help save them from going under.

How advertisers are leveraging Roundel’s best practices to maximize retail media spend

March 20, 2024

Renee Doerre, senior director of strategy and enablement, Roundel Creating impactful e-commerce strategies begins and ends with the consumer experience. From websites to apps to in-store experiences and third-party platforms, shoppers can connect with brands at many touchpoints. Consumers want a convenient and personalized shopping experience and advertisers must create lasting ways to capture and […]